Welcome to Tiny Twisters Miniature Bull Riding. We are based in Jay Em, Wyoming located in Southeastern Wyoming. We hold Miniature Bull Riding Events across Wyoming, Nebraska & Colorado.

Our goal is to expand the growing sport of Bull Riding to kids 14 years and younger. The miniature bulls give the kids a more realistic experience, which gives them an advantage as they move up the ranks in rodeo.

If you are a Bull Riding Fan please check our schedule for events in your area. You won't be dissapointed. The bulls buck as hard as big bulls and we have some tough cowboys that can really ride!

If you are interested in riding at our events check out our rules and see if you qualify. We run our events in a series and hold finals in October for the top cowboys.

Looking for a new & exciting event for your town, fair or rodeo. Contact Us and we will give you information on holding an event in your area.







Tiny Twisters Miniature Bull Riding
P.O. Box 6 * Jay Em, Wyoming * 307-532-2456